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“The Box” is the term given to the compact area of small Nottinghamshire villages which appear to have contributed greatly be quite instrumental in spawning the Alvey family name



In the early 1500/1600/1700 & 1800 the vast majority of “Alvey” families, births marriages and deaths featured in and around “The BOX.”  



These notes explain in a little detail how the “Missing John” branch of the Alvey family appeared to fragment away out of “The BOX”, to return back in later years, quite passively and without any knowledge of the significance by myself


The illustration highlights the geography the “The BOX”



The first illustration on the left plots how my particular branch of the Alvey’s appeared to move away from THE BOX - initially to South Normanton and eventually to South Yorkshire - presumably for economic reasons. The illustration also clearly shows the return path taken by myself many years later, completely oblivious as to any historical significance of “family roots” and “The BOX” which encompases the villages of Burton Joyce, Gedling, Lambley, Woodboro, Lowdham, Gunthorpe, Caythorpe, Oxton, Epperston, Shelford Stoke Bardolph, Bleasby, Carlton, Arnold, Calverton, plus East of Nottingham. "The BOX" is shown by the middle image,which clearly illustrates the strategic significance to Nottingham's Lace industry  


In the grid below, Return to “The Box” is highlighted by “green” path



Green = Out of the BOX

“OUT of the BOX” - Alvey family Lineage

JOHN ALVEY - “MISSING JOHN ?”b1753 d1828 S Normanton - Farmer

WILLIAM ALVEY Bap1788 S Normanton d1864 Ault Hucknall - Farmer

THOMAS ALVEY b 1816 Tibshelf d1874 S Normanton - Blacksmith

WILLIAM ALVEY  b 1842 S Normanton d 1918 Selston - Blacksmith

SAMUEL ALVEY  b 1869 S Normanton d 1955 Wath-on-Dearne - Blacksmith

SAMUEL ALVEY b 1913 Wath-on-Dearne d1974 Rotherham - Coal Miner

BRIAN ALVEY  b 1938 Wath- on Dearne -Nottingham Lace 

“BACK in the BOX”- Burton Joyce



The above details are based upon authentic documentation or alternatively, via the original computer programme (developed by cousin Peter Alvey) The “unsubstantiated “results considered to be a “reasonable probability” factor

The DataBases have details from a larger computer generated file of Alvey vital records
grouped into families and linked across generations by multiple cycles of
computer matching followed by human selection from the various combinations.

1 The family hierarchy suggested is only a best-fit estimate - there is no
claim that it represents reality. It is just one way of fitting the basic
data together.
2 Families are labelled for cross-referencng but the numbers have no other
3 Families are listed by components:
a) Summary line of husband & wife, known locations and year of first born.
b) Details of marriage(s) which are a good match to the family and are not a
good match to any other family.
c) List of children of the marriage(s), by baptism date and parish.
Surnames are ALVEY except where a variant is stated.
d) Details of the suggested link to the family of the preceding generation.
These links may relate to the mother of the family in the case of
illegitimate children (unknown father) or when the mother's maiden name
was also Alvey.
4 Information from other sources is appended when there is little ambiguity.
5 Recognizing multiple marriages is a black art, but failing to do so can have
an adverse effect on the computer tree-fitting process.
6 All known Burton Joyce families are include plus selected families from
other parishes where there is a suspected link to a Burton Joyce family.


There is an ALVEY family which has many years have created many difficulties our the family research. I have shown below the detail of the family concerned - referred to "MISSING JOHN" 



John & Elizabeth at SOUTH NORMANTON 1783
1782 11 05 wed: John b 1754 d 1828 1 18 & Elizabeth EVERINGHAM b 1755
4 2 d 1824 8 29 at SOUTH NORMANTON both of this parish
1783 09 07 m Samuel SOUTH NORMANTON d 1849 10 10
1786 01 29 f Sarah SOUTH NORMANTON
1788 10 13 m William SOUTH NORMANTON d 1864 1 19 married Grace
1791 04 17 f Jane SOUTH NORMANTON = William WHITE of BARNSLEY
1810 7 9
1793 12 22 f Elizabeth SOUTH NORMANTON

296: William & Ann at SOUTH NORMANTON 1788
1787 10 23 wed: William & Ann CLARK d 1788 6 2 at SOUTH NORMANTON both
of this parish
1788 03 03 f Mary SOUTH NORMANTON d 1788 11 6



Father & Grandfather Alvey         Grandfather & Great Grandfather Stone


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